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UMAT. I belong to no sect. Just a Muslim. I'm sick of people killing in the name of my religion. I'm sick of being called a terrorist. I'm sick of expectations to condemn and apologize for the actions of terrorists. They don’t represent me. I not only condemn but strongly oppose murder, beating of women, racism, war, suppression of rights and freedoms, ill-treatment of minorities, and suppression of democracy. I will not apologize for what I haven't done, I will make a difference.

Thursday, August 04, 2005



To date, nearly 20,000 people have requested free Qurans through CAIR's "Explore the Quran" campaign.

The following are excerpts from e-mails received by those who already received their Qurans:

"Dear Muslim friends: My copy of the Qur'an, by Muhammad Asad, arrived in today's mail. What you sent gives significant witness to your efforts to encourage greater interfaith understanding and mutual respect; and to the standing of this Holy Book. Be assured that this Holy Book will be treated just as you have stated is expected of Muslims. . ."

" Dear Sir: I received your holy book today. I am a Catholic but mainly a Christian. I really appreciate your outreach to me and others. I will treat this book with great respect. . ."

CAIR has pledged to cover the costs of shipping Qurans to all those who submit request, but we need your support to fulfill that pledge.

1) SPONSOR a free copy(s) of the Quran so that people of other faiths may learn the truth about Islam and Muslims. To sponsor one or more Qurans online, go to: http://www.explorethequran.org To sponsor a Quran by phone, call 1-800-78-ISLAM (1-800-784-7526). (In order to ease the pressure on CAIR's switchboard, those sponsoring a free Quran may also send a donation to: Explore the Quran, CAIR, 453 New Jersey Avenue, S.E., Washington, D.C., 20003)

2) IMAMS and COMMUNITY LEADERS should ask congregations to support this important project.

3) FORWARD this alert to your Muslim friends, family and colleagues.


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