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UMAT. I belong to no sect. Just a Muslim. I'm sick of people killing in the name of my religion. I'm sick of being called a terrorist. I'm sick of expectations to condemn and apologize for the actions of terrorists. They don’t represent me. I not only condemn but strongly oppose murder, beating of women, racism, war, suppression of rights and freedoms, ill-treatment of minorities, and suppression of democracy. I will not apologize for what I haven't done, I will make a difference.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Islamic terrorism? Another wake up call

Jewish Terrorism? Extremist Judaism? An ex-member of the Israeli occupation force has attacked and killed 4 people of Arabic origin in a bus (2 christians and 2 muslims).

The bloodiest attack on Arabs by a Jewish extremist dates back to 1994, when a US-born Jew, Baruch Goldstein, shot dead 29 Muslims at a mosque in the West Bank city of Hebron.

Apparently quite a few Jewish people and Sharon "condemned" this. But why am I not hearing the same uproar against this illegal attack I hear every time there's an attack against the West? I think its the media's , as well as the US and Britian's hypocratic attitude...

If it was a Muslim who carried out an attack on Jewish people it would be a problem with "Extremist Islam" and they would be called "Islamic terrorists", which is a completely ignorant statement considering Islam does not permit such violence and crimes whatsoever.

I also don't see any right wingers calling this a problem with Judaism? Because its not! Just like its not one with Islam! Stop the bias and the discrimination!

Just like you wouldn't call a madman to be representative of Judaism, you can't call a terrorist Islamic.

Terrorism is NOT Islamic. Media has a responsibility to report responsibly and I blame 90% of this attitude on them.......!


I hope people see the message too...we are not terrorists...!

Thumbs up to BBC for bias free reporting...!

Thursday, August 04, 2005


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