United Muslims Against Terror

UMAT. I belong to no sect. Just a Muslim. I'm sick of people killing in the name of my religion. I'm sick of being called a terrorist. I'm sick of expectations to condemn and apologize for the actions of terrorists. They don’t represent me. I not only condemn but strongly oppose murder, beating of women, racism, war, suppression of rights and freedoms, ill-treatment of minorities, and suppression of democracy. I will not apologize for what I haven't done, I will make a difference.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


I received a suggestion about opening an online store as a way to fund raise for awareness in the general public about Islam and also within Muslim communities. I'm in the middle of designing items for sale at this store. Initially it offer inexpensive bumper stickers, magnets, hats and t-shirts that promote our cause. If you have any ideas or suggestions about the slogans or designs, please forward them to : umatblog@yahoo.com

Also, I would appreciate all the help I can get in designing some graphics/logos for a formal UMAT site as well as for the products. I will post some initial work I've done in the next few days.

Initially the store would be profit-free (at cost), but depending on the response I will charge a surcharge of $0.50 for each item sold towards the fundraising efforts.

Once again, all suggestions, help, technical expertise and ideas will be much appreciated.

God Bless you all..


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